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Contemporary Choreography

Where Can You Learn Contemporary Choreography?

Contemporary dance can be an exhilarating performance for both the dancer and the audience. Replete with exciting movements, contemporary choreography will typically embody many different forms of dance. From jazz to ballet, and everything in between, contemporary dancers seek to forge a body and mind connection via their movements. Ostensibly one of the more difficult styles to master, the assistance of a professional dance teacher is almost always going to be welcome.


For those looking to learn contemporary choreography, they'd do well to begin researching private instructors. If you are based near Midlothian, Virginia, you are only a short ride away from the work of Heather Rianne. Rianne is a seasoned professional dancer with an extensive resume. From walking the runway to filming both television and film projects, Rianne has experienced it all.


When you attend contemporary choreography lessons with Heather Rianne, you'll find yourself welcome to a lesson where positivity and motivation trump all.

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