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Dance Choreography

Learn Dance Choreography the Right Way with Heather Rianne.

If you aspire to be a professional dancer, you need to learn how to clean your dance choreography. If you've ever seen a Broadway show or a stage production, you know how dancers work rigorously in order to perfect their craft. Learning dance choreography is hard on your own, but private lessons can go a long way toward making the improbable possible.


When you book dance choreography lessons with Heather Rianne, you are going to be invited into an artistic space where positivity, inspiration, and education are all heralded traits. Rather than breaking you down like the hard nosed instructors of yesteryear, Heather works with you to perfect your skills. From learning a dance choreography routine to cleaning up your previously established choreo, Heather can use her skills to get you where you need to go.


Heather Rianne is a certified personal trainer as well as an experienced professional dancer. She has appeared on events such as the NYC Chapter of Alzheimer Awareness Month as well as MTV's Election Night. Heather is currently based out of the DMV area.

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